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What You Have Always Been Told Has Changed Dramatically!

From the time all of us started driving, we have been told to change the engine oil every 3,000 miles or pay the consequences later for neglect of the maintenance of our engines.

How would you like to have access to a system that actually purifies the engine oil 7 times per hour and guarantees up to 160,000 miles before an oil change?  You may be thinking this is a bunch of hype. We have 10,000 plus third party engine oil analysis to prove it really works!  Below are a few of the features and benefits of this revolutionary product.

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School Buses Record Over 10 Million Miles Without an Oil Change

School buses have achieved success with use of PetroSavers® by-pass filter oil purification system on 8 types of Diesel engines and 3 types of Gas engines.

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Commercial Trucks Extend Oil Change Intervals to 160,000 miles with Increased Fuel Savings of at least 1/2 mile per gallon

PetroSavers® by-pass filter oil purification system shows significant cost savings on engine oil service.

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Police vehicles have gone 3 million miles without an oil change and saved over 1,000 oil changes

Police vehicles are one of the most likely to need PetroSavers® by-pass oil purification system due to constant idle time in various conditions as well as rigorous performance demands on their engines.

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The Solution: PetroSavers®

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