Our Approach

PetroSavers' vision is to impact the world by transforming the engine oil industry, thereby protecting the environment by "keeping the oil and changing your world."

It is our belief that this product has great value in the times we live in. We strive to provide revolutionary products with excellence in quality and service.  We are committed to changing the way engine oil maintenance is performed to impact global economies.




Our Story

  • Ralph LeBlanc, President of PetroSavers® Global, Inc., is a former Environmental Engineer for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and worked on the U.S. Apollo Saturn V Space Program.
  • With his experience, he recognized an opportunity to apply his engineering expertise and purchased the patent of the Prelin Electric Oil Refiner.
  • He immediately began to improve on the technology known today as the PetroSavers® Engine Oil Refiner.
  • The PetroSavers® Engine Oil Refiner is in its 6th generation of technology upgrades.
  • PetroSavers® is a global product which has expanded from the United States to Egypt, Vietnam, China, and many other countries worldwide.
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Ralph Leblanc


The Solution: PetroSavers®

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